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Perspective is Everything

Remember when you thought that 45 year olds were totally out of touch, 55 year olds were no longer productive members of society, and 65 year olds were...well...almost dead?    

Life happens regardless of your age so why not maximize it.

If you want to feel vibrant and alive, you've got to move it or lose it!

Middlescence is real.

Between roughly the age 45 and 70, we start to enter a new phase of life and all of its changes.  Hormones are changing, our work and social lives are changing, our family unit is changing, our bodies are changing, and our outlook on life and how we want to spend it (along with who we want to spend it with) is changing.  

What we do now impacts how we live later, but now we are coming at it from a point of wisdom so we don't make the same mistakes. 

We do need to work out harder as we get older because muscle mass is a lot easier to lose and harder to gain.  However, we need to work out SMARTER so we can maximize the effects without having any setbacks.

Experience Matters.

At this stage in life, you know what's important.   Your health and wellbeing will determine your impact in this world and on those around you.  It's a no brainer that you'd rather have your one and only body and health guided by someone well versed in 3D chess versus a simple game of checkers.

Our network of physical therapists, Pilates teachers, and movement specialists have been trained to look at the body three dimensionally, appreciating the complex relationships one area of the body has to another.  If you're wondering why doing those strangely challenging hip exercises are helping that old chronic shoulder problem...we'll tell you..."we know."

Quality. Convenience. Connection.

Experience live workouts with other like-minded people in a virtual "side by side" online setting guided by dynamic, high quality practitioners in the convenience of your own home.  It has never been easier to stay accountable.

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Back on Track - Resource Guide

Your DIY trail guide to your body.   This resource helps to explore WHY and WHAT you may want to be focusing on. 

This includes a self posture assessment, self movement assessment tool, and a growing exercise library.

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