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Larkam Oasis™ Vacation Transformation

Wherever you are this summer develop calm strength with this movement practice that ignites inspiration for autumn.

This supplemental program is taught on 7 Fridays at 8:45 am PDT by Elizabeth Larkam, July 16 - August 27. Recordings available through August 31.

Attend live classes for individual coaching. Email Elizabeth with questions for tailoring the material for you.

Larkam Oasis ™ integrates fascia-focused movement sequences with coherent breathing, self-touch and eye motion to support calm, clarity, creativity and coordination.

Somatic practices alternate with plank variations to develop strength and endurance through all the myofascial continuities.

Rhythmic oscillations in a variety of orientations stimulate ground reaction forces and closed kinematic chains while illuminating kinesthetic blind spots.

Coherent breathing consisting of 5.5 second inhalation through the nose followed by 5.5 second exhalation through the nose coordinates functions of heart, circulation and nervous system to peak efficiency.

Humming during exhalation increases nitric oxide that widens capillaries, increases oxygenation and relaxes smooth muscle.

Crossing the midline to stimulate acupuncture points with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) develops coordination.

This unique movement practice is appropriate and beneficial for those who are:

* interested in developing strength during summer holidays

* concerned about bone health

* experiencing Connective Tissue Spectrum Disorders

* recovering from Covid 

Classes are 1 hour and will be recorded and uploaded within 24 hours and will remain inside the product until 8/31/21.

Friday, July 16th at 8:45am PDT
Friday, July 23rd at 8:45am PDT
Friday, July 30th at 8:45am PDT
Friday, Aug 6th at 8:45am PDT
Friday, August 13th at 8:45am PDT
Friday, August 20th at 8:45am PDT
Friday, August 27th at 8:45am PDT

*  Access to this product expires 8/31/21.

*  Note that this class series is INDEPENDENT of the live and on-demand classes provided inside the Be Well-Stay Well™ Subscribers Area.