Spice up your reformer workouts!

It's time to think outside of the box...or maybe on the box...or maybe just with the box. 

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Discover muscles you didn't know you had?

Isn’t boxwork on the Reformer challenging enough without adding an Oov and a Fletcher Towel?

This is where we think “out of the box” on our box to make box work more creative and playful.

In this series Eve will utilize the Oov and the Towel to give you more support in this challenging repertoire, not less. It won’t make it “easier” per say, but it will make it feel more accessible and friendlier to bony hips and create connections that can be very hard to find without an Oov or a Fletcher Towel. This series will help you connect the dots and find new “flavors” in these intermediate and advanced reformer exercises while still honoring the goal of these timeless exercises.


Demonstration & Feedback: Eve will be demonstrating while cueing and also offering some occasional eyes-on-you feedback that is group-oriented. This way you can both see, hear, and receive confirmation during the workshop series.

Towel & Oov Additions Create Essential Physical “Feedback” In the absence of in-person spotting or touch we need solutions that offer us and understanding of where our bodies are in space. Especially when we are doing equipment work, online, we need tactile feedback and support that offers us safe “boundaries” while still honoring the choreography of traditional or contemporary Pilates exercises. The Oov and Towel help fill in those gaps during short and long box work!


Say Good-bye to Workout Stagnation

Long and short boxwork on the reformer is extremely similar to pieces performed on the Pilates Chair and on the Cadillac, and on the mat. It requires us to balance on our pelvis, organize the spine in relationship to the pelvis, and use the arms and legs in congruency to feel EVERYTHING= Total Body Integration. You will use EVERYTHING. It’s very hard to cheat in box work. Plus, the Oov and Towel creatively offer nuance and feeling where flat surfaces and straight lines fall short! Your creative juices will flow with these added elements. Pilates offers us so many possibilities!

It’s also important to recognize where exercises show up in other areas of the Pilates repertoire. The Reformer is not the beginning-middle-and-end of Pilates. Eve will speak to the similarities between the pieces done on the reformer and where they appear in other parts of the Pilates repertoire—Pilates is far more than just one piece of equipment and each piece of equipment will teach us something different about an exercise. The box work gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we might address these pieces differently on other pieces of equipment. Pilates is a method, a system, a spiral that continues to grow out from its foundation. This series is taught with progression from the fundamentals, in mind.

About Eve Salazar

Eve has been studying Pilates since 2005 and holds multiple teaching certificates in Pilates (BASI, Pilates Sports Center, Fletcher Pilates) and Oov Training. Eve has a background/education in dance (ballet), gymnastics, musical theatre, performance art and theatrical design and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2004. Currently Eve teaches clients all over the world (online) directly from her home studio in Los Angeles. For the past 5 years, Eve has been collaborating with Olympic Dressage Trainer KHD Dressage at The Paddock Riding Club in Atwater Village/LA, in fine-tuning/injury-prevention for competitive equestrians (adult and teen athletes). Eve also enjoys working with post-partum moms on self-care and a fitness lifestyle that will help them recover more quickly from pregnancy. Whether you’re a first-timer or a Pilates teacher Eve loves to work with clients of any level and particularly enjoys mentoring new teachers. The hallmark of Eve’s teaching is to create a safe, welcoming space, for all participants, filled with humor, playfulness, curiosity… and joy!

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