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Find Longevity in Your Rotational Sports

Life is a rotational sport, but knowing a bit more detail about the specifics of your sport can make a difference in you understanding WHY you need to maintain mobility, strength, control, and coordination in key areas to optimize your outcomes.

Dr. Ada Wells, PT has been working with golfers for nearly 30 years and will be expanding her virtual coaching programs for those who are serious about committing to a movement program.  These will consist of virtual 1:1 sessions, workshops, and other series that can be tailored to your (or your organizations's) needs.

Whether you have nothing but a golf club or you have access to Pilates apparatus and props, Ada can work with you virtually to create a custom program that works towards your goals, with your specific body, and with the resources available to you.

If you're interested in getting on her wait list for either her more general on-demand programs or more personalized attention, click below. 


Note:  There are several Pilates for Golfers on-demand classes inside of the Be Well-Stay Well™ Monthly Subscriber's Area.  This is a great place to start!

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June Movement Book Club with Elizabeth Larkam

Elizabeth Larkam's Supplemental Movement Book Club is back in June.  Each week, she bases the class experience on select chapters.  The reading is not required but you will benefit from the movement practices whether or not you prepare.

Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing and order your book (discounts available).

June's Book:  Breathing, Mudras and Meridians - Direct Experience of Embodiment by Bill Harvey 

Each two-hour class meeting includes guided movement practices that integrate

*  fascia-informed movement sequences to support standing balance and gait
*  fascia-informed rhythmic movement sequences for oscillation, spring and elastic recoil
*  fascia-informed movement sequences that  focus attention on the movement relationships of tension and compression
*  breathing practices to facilitate physiological states
*  mudras of the hands
*  mudras of the tongue
*  movements of the eyes to counter screen-limited focus
*  drawing figure eight mandalas with each hand to develop spatial awareness and proprioception
*  discussion of the book chapters and their applications to personal exploration and professional experience 

Dates:  June 2, 9, 16, 23
Time:  9:30-11:30 PDT

Recordings will be posted within 24 hours of classes and will be available to view until June 30, 2024.

Check out details of Elizabeth's Book Club

3D Workouts using the Oov®

If you're new to Be Well-Stay Well™, you may be wondering what is this Oov® you keep seeing in our class offerings.  Quite simply, the Oov® is a uniquely but organically shaped foam tool that mimics a natural 3-dimensional movement experience that is designed to transform the body via the brain. 

The Oov®'s self correcting properties help restore normal mobility and movement patterns that may have been lost due to injury or years of inefficient movement strategies. 

In our "M-Oov-e it or Lose It" classes, the focus is on slow, deliberate movement paired with light weights and resistance bands. This method has the effect of "creating space" or congruency of the joints for improved alignment and function.

We also have standing "Cardio Towel and Oov® classes which use the oov to challenge balance and restore connection between the upper and lower body in a fun, fast paced workout designed to increase your heartrate while improving balance and mobility.

Our 3D Reformer classes will increase the challenge for more experienced movers by including the Oov®.

We currently have over 150 on-demand Oov® classes in our library that you can do anytime or join us live as we offer at least 20 Oov® classes per month.


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