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Experience live group movement classes and programming set on a virtual, interactive platform and led by dynamic, high quality practitioners who are well versed in working with bodies that have "been places."  Quality, convenience, and connection have never been easier.

The Be Well-Stay Well™ Subscriber's Area includes over 100 live and on-demand classes every month for one low price.

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6 Weeks to "Centered" with Aimee Baker starting January 19th.

If you have been enjoying Aimee Baker's regular Pilates & Slings classes inside the BWSW Subscriber's Area, you're going to LOVE her new supplemental program where you get to GO DEEP and transform your body.

In this Balance-Your-Pelvis focused Pilates and Slings series, she will use pelvic posture as the take off point for identifying no-longer helpful movement patterns and then through consistent and intentional practice, you'll unwind your known or unbeknown postural tendencies and replace them with helpful movement patterns executed with beautiful intentions to help you improve your life.  

Note:  This supplemental program can be purchased as a stand alone product as it is not part of the regular live class schedule inside of the Be Well-Stay Well™ subscriber's area.

6 Weeks to "Centered" Details HERE!

Get Back on Your Feet with Elizabeth Larkam in January!

Elizabeth Larkam will be emphasizing a STANDING theme into her regular BWSW classes in January. 

She's also offering a special SUPPLEMENTAL series using Rotator Discs on Fridays for those interested in broadening your knowledge with this prop.

Regular Classes inside the BWSW Subscriber's Area are usually 7:30-8:30am PST.

Sundays:  Springy Wall Cardio
Mondays:  Alternating weeks Swiss Ball or BOSU
Tuesdays:  Oov®Plus
Thursdays:  Block & Band

Fridays are her supplemental Rotator Disc Series 7-9am PST.


Check out Details for Rotator Disc Supplemental Series with Elizabeth Larkam

Detox Your Inefficient Movement Strategies with Bettina Neumann, PT

Be Well-Stay Well™ is digitally hosting a self-guided intensive experience designed by Be Well-Stay Well™ Guest Contributor, Bettina Neumann, PT.  This program teaches you a system to find alignment and movement efficiency that you can apply in life and within your other fitness training activities.

The material is dripped over 5-6 weeks to help give you focus, but you're given 12 weeks to complete the program.  You may download the handouts to use over and over and attend the office hours (or submit questions and watch replays) 2 Fridays per month with Bettina Neumann, PT to get clarity on where you may need help.


Note:  This supplemental program can be purchased as a stand alone product as it is not part of the regular live class schedule inside of the Be Well-Stay Well™ subscriber's area.

Total Motion Detox Details HERE!

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