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 2 Hour Balansit & Pilates Combo-Chair Workshop - Aug 28th

Renew your love for your Pilates Chair by pairing it with a Balansit (TM) and rotator disc. 
Glide through active sitting into a variety of orientations including bridging, quadruped, planks and standing balance. Delight in discovery of degrees of freedom that make surprising demands on motor control, strength and concentration.
Finish this two-hour workshop with techniques that clear your mind and support your favorite outdoor and indoor activities. 

Recording of this workshop will be available until September 30, 2022.

Details to purchase this supplemental program found below.


Find out more: Balansit® Supplemental Program with Elizabeth Larkam

Choose Your Own Adventure with a Customized Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Are you FINALLY ready to get out of your house and experience life again?

The Be Well-Stay Well™ Network is excited to announce the addition of in-person retreats to our offerings.

These boutique retreats will be hosted at Ada Wells' home, Casa del Arroyo, in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Whether it be a couples experience, a week with old friends, or the chance to bond with some of your Be Well-Stay Well™ buddies and teachers from around the globe, you'll surely have a unique experience that will move you!

We're keeping the experiences small with 4 to 8 people so you can have the ultimate connection with each other AND your retreat host(s).

Stay tuned for dates on some specifically themed retreat experiences in Puerto Vallarta, but feel free to contact us if you'd like us to create a custom experience for your private group.


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New Bone-Building with the TRX Series

By request, we're adding a series of live and on-demand classes inside our Monthly Subscriber's Area with the focus on not just "bone-safe" workouts for people with low bone density, but workouts that may help "bone-build."

Research shows that certain exercise routines can be more effective to help build bone in those with low bone density.  These types of exercise routines include those that incorporate progressive resistance exercises that are more than our usual daily activities, including in multiple planes of movement and high impact activities (hopping, jogging, etc).  While the effects of bone building may be more limited in doing just Pilates or other low/non-impact exercise, incorporating balance, posture, and mobility exercise is great to improve overall wellbeing and lower fall-risk.

In this series, Ada will offer progressions that are great for the beginner or that can challenge a more conditioned athlete simply by adjusting body weight resistance via angles using the TRX.

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