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Pilates for Golfers!

Golf is a rotational sport but so is life.  While Ada Wells, PT will be teaching more classes specifically speaking to the golfers in the room, these classes are great for anyone who wants to:

* Improve Dynamic Balance

* Improve coordination between spine and extremities

*  Improve mobility at the thoracic spine, hips, shoulders, ankles.

*  Improve control of your spine/core during dynamic rotational movements

Check out our live class schedule below and search "golf".


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Supplemental Program:  Larkam Oasis™ Vacation Transformation July 16-Aug 27.

For 7 Fridays from July 16th-Aug 27th, Elizabeth Larkam is offering a NEW supplemental live & recorded series outside of the regular subscribers area that will be completely different from her other classes called Larkam Oasis™ Vacation Transformation.

Larkam Oasis ™ integrates fascia-focused movement sequences with coherent breathing, self-touch and eye motion to support calm, clarity, creativity and coordination.

Wherever you are this summer develop calm strength with this movement practice that ignites inspiration for autumn.

You can purchase anytime before August 27th, but note that access to all recordings expires on August 31st.   Details below.

Details on Larkam Oasis™ Vacation Transformation

Eve Salazar's Reformer Box Program Coming in August!

In this series Eve will utilize the Oov and the Towel to give you more support in this challenging repertoire, not less. It won’t make it “easier” per say, but it will make it feel more accessible and friendlier to bony hips and create connections that can be very hard to find without an Oov or a Fletcher Towel. This series will help you connect the dots and find new “flavors” in these intermediate and advanced reformer exercises while still honoring the goal of these timeless exercises.

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