Do pull-ups seem out of reach?

  Our shoulder joint has an incredible range of movement. much of this universe of possible hand positions do we use day to day? Chances are that many of us spend most of the time with our hands remaining in a fraction of that universe.

We know the importance of loading our hip joints in all directions, and our shoulder joints deserve the same attention.

Have you been missing the opportunity to work on this functional movement because you haven't known where to start?

Join "The Possible Pull-Up" Program with Mike Perry

2021 is the year of expansion.  

Let's face it.  In 2020, the world seemed to close in on us.  We were reduced to more time in front of screens and less time out exploring.  Everything felt like a state of contraction.

The Possible Pull-Up is an invitation to expand, both physically and cognitively by incorporating a movement practice that involves an exploration of movement in a hanging practice.  Watch this video to understand why.

Expand Your Possibilities with The Possible Pull-Up

Putting the Pieces Together

Functional, compound movements do not happen in isolation.  Mike will help you to find your blind spots as he ensures that you have the mobility, control and strength in all the right places to help you on your journey.

Interactive Online Group Class

Get direct feedback with weekly live online classes over the course of 4 weeks designed to help build the foundation to a possible pull-up.  

Opportunities for Feedback

During the program, you'll get the opportunity to schedule one 25 minute 1:1 coaching/feedback session with Mike to get a more personalized experience.

Doing your homework.

You'll get access to the class recordings and additional supplemental videos until February 28, 2021 so that you can work on the skills you need and put them into practice, whether at a playground, a pull-up bar, or even a Pilates trapeze table.

The Possible Pull-Up 4 Week Series

$79 Starts January 6th

  • 4 exclusive live, interactive online group classes (January 6, 13, 20, 27 at 7am PST)
  • Opportunity to schedule one 25 min 1:1 session with Mike to help personalize your experience
  • Access to recordings of the live classes until February 28, 2021.
Join The Possible Pull-Up with Mike Perry

Private Consultation Only with Mike Perry


If you would like to schedule additional Private Remote fitness sessions with Mike Perry outside of the 25 minute private included, contact him directly.

Participants of The Possible Pull-Up will receive a one time discounted rate on select private packages outside of this program.

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About Mike

Mike Perry is the co-owner of Pilates in motion Studio in Ealing, London (UK), along with his wife movement buddy and inspiration, Anoushka Boone. He qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2003 and, after years of attending Pilates workshops, began to branch out into exploring the wider ‘Movement Culture’ with, amongst others, Ido Portal, Kelly Starrett, FRC, Rafe Kelly, Gymnastic Bodies and AMN Academy.

Mike’s pull-up journey began around 2011 when he and Anoushka started working with a strength & conditioning coach and the memories of the early struggles are still clear in his mind. After many jumping pull-ups with controlled negatives, pull-ups assisted by both bands and partner and even learning to ‘kip’, pull-ups gradually became accessible.

As with push-ups, technique is more important than strength, and there are many ways to facilitate better technique. Since those early days Mike has had the chance to work with a number of coaches and leaders in the movement world and to learn more and more pieces of the pull-up puzzle.

He takes particular delight in witnessing the empowerment that can come from training for pull-ups, especially for people who may feel limited in what they can do by spine or pelvic pathology or pain. Mike starts from the belief that all of us have the capacity for a pull-up within us, that it is part of our birthright, and that searching for our inner pull-up is a rich and rewarding journey.

Join The Possible Pull-Up