Beta-Anatomy Trains in Motion 21-hr Course + Retreat with Aimee Baker in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Nov 28-Dec 5, 2023)

Enjoy 7 days and nights in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as Aimee Baker guides you through the Anatomy Trains in Motion 21-hr course, blending daily movement classes, professional education, and an adventure-spirited retreat experience. 

Geared towards fitness and Pilates professionals interested in furthering their practice, this retreat will inspire your thoughts beyond the pages of the Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains book through the embodiment of movement experiences and discussion. If you love integral anatomy and want to gain an extensive understanding of the Anatomy Trains concept through movement, this course is for you. 

Workshops & Movement

Aimee Baker leads the way as she starts each day with an Anatomy Trains in Motion masterclass. The goal is two-fold: first, we will embody the day’s lecture topic through movement, and second, you will experience the positive benefits of doing Slings on a regular basis throughout the week.  

The classroom portions of the 21-hour foundational Anatomy Trains in Motion curriculum will be spread out over the week.

We'll also enjoy a casual continental breakfast each morning with the option of having plenty of refreshments and snacks at the villa when you need them. Daily lunch will also be served at the villa immediately following the workshop.

Focused Workshop Time

Anatomy Trains in Motion is an in-depth course for movement and bodywork professionals who love integral anatomy and body-minded exercise applications that relate to real-life in all its dimensions. This resource-oriented education focuses on the qualities of Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept that enhance everyday functionality and vitality as well as somatic resourcefulness, therefore self-healing.

Anatomy Trains in Motion has been developed by Karin Gurtner specifically for movement professionals who want to broaden their professional horizons and skills in anatomy and structural integration through movement. Anatomy Trains in Motion (ATiM) has been officially recognized by Thomas W. Myers from Anatomy Trains. Read a word from Tom.

This Retreat + course is ‘BETA’ as it’s Aimee’s first Mexico retreat and debut teaching the Anatomy Trains in Motion full course. You will enjoy an intimate group, ample personal access to Aimee and ‘BETA-pricing’ to thank you for your patience with any bumps that arise as we make our way.

 **Click Drop Down below for specific details on the Anatomy Trains in Motion Course.

Nourishment for Self

Have a chance to let things sink in by stepping away from the books and taking in what's around you. How does your walk along the beach relate to the material?  


Casual Collaboration

Afternoons will generally allow free time to explore the area on your own, sit in the pool ‘bar,’ and have more deep conversations with other attendees.  

We are equipped with high-speed internet accessible from all rooms if you need to catch up on any additional work.  The villa is "open air," but each bedroom has its own air conditioning unit to ensure that you can rest or work in comfort.

Let Loose

Casa del Arroyo is within walking distance of approximately 130 restaurants within a 0.3-mile radius.  Dinner is not included so you can experiment on your own or come eat at some classic establishments.  

There are also plenty of fun events that happen nightly that will add to the unexpected flair of the experience.  Who might also end up face-to-face with the "Mexican Freddie Mercury".


A Perfect Location

Because of our proximity to the city center, the Malecon (boardwalk), and the beach, you always have the flexibility to pick and choose how much you feel like experiencing and exploring and when. 

If you need a little space from the group, that’s perfect, Casa del Arroyo is a beautiful place to relax.  If you feel like spending your downtime exploring with your new friends, that works too!

Feel free to step away and soak it all in.


Retreat & Accommodation Options

The pricing below includes both the accommodations and the retreat activities for the entire 7 days (including all relevant taxes, posted in USD) except where otherwise noted. See details at the bottom of the page for exactly what is and is not included.

On-site Villa Casa del Arroyo / Single Occupancy - King Bed, en suite bathroom USD$2997

On-site Villa Casa del Arroyo / Double Occupancy (Book as a couple) - Shared King Bed with en suite bathroom USD$3996 (or USD$1998 pp)

On-site Villa Casa del Arroyo / Triple Occupancy (must book together as a trio) - King bed, Queen Sofa Bed, and/or Queen inflatable air mattress with en suite bathroom and private terrace USD$5268 (or USD$1757 pp)

Hostel Casa Vista Luna* / Off-site, Single Occupancy - Queen bed, shared bathroom USD$1874 

Hostel Casa Vista Luna* / Off-site, Single Occupancy - Twin bed located in a common area, shared bathroom USD$1449 

Hostel Casa Vista Luna* / Off-site, Shared Occupancy Bunk #1 - Top bunk, located in a common area, shared bathroom USD$1349 

Hostel Casa Vista Luna* / Off-site, Shared Occupancy Bunk #2 - Bottom bunk, located in a common area, shared bathroom USD$1349

*IMPORTANT: Consider a few details before staying at Casa Vista Luna:

✔️ Casa Vista Luna is a 10 minute walk away from the main retreat location. There are steps...lots of Steps. You'll need to be in good shape to get there, but you'll be rewarded with the view & proximity to el Centro

✔️ The common area twin/bunk beds are NOT air conditioned. These areas DO have fans. Fans are generally suffice for comfort during the months of Nov-May as the weather is more mild

✔️ Noise, while we're up on the hill and don't have traffic noise, Casa Vista Luna is in close proximity to locals who may be playing music or just living the Mexican life, sometimes at unpredictable times. This is part of the experience.  If you want totally quiet, consider staying in a more "hermetically sealed" new build condo

For Retreat Only* (without accommodation) $1199 USD pp, which includes daily breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and snacks.   

*Ask about other nearby accommodations

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The Details

Come join us in the heart of Puerto Vallarta at Casa del Arroyo, a space to recharge, reflect, and grow.

IMPORTANT:  The villa is 3 stories off the street and there is no elevator. Getting around Puerto Vallarta involves managing walking on uneven sidewalks, hills with cobblestone streets, or beaches.   If you have mobility issue questions, please contact Aimee Baker directly to discuss if this particular experience would be appropriate for you BEFORE you decide to purchase.  It is possible to hire a ride to some locations that would otherwise be walkable for the group, but this would not be included in the price and might impact your overall experience.

What's Included: 
  • 7 days/nights activities in the heart of Puerto Vallarta at Casa del Arroyo 

  • Accommodations are available at Casa del Arroyo at special rates on a first-come, first-serve basis that can be bundled into the retreat cost for savings (including IVA & taxes).

  • Welcome Dinner/Reception at Casa del Arroyo featuring traditional food & appetizers

  • All-you-can-drink non-alcoholic refreshments throughout your stay

  • Daily Continental Breakfast

  • 1-2 Daily group movement classes/experiences 

  • Daily snacks and/or food at the house to enjoy at your leisure

  • 21 hours of instructional time spread throughout the week

  • "Urban hikes" around Puerto Vallarta to get acquainted with the area, local culture, and hidden gems.

  • Being able to access and ask questions to tap into Aimee's knowledge in both a more structured and also relaxed environment.

  • Free time each day for relaxation at Casa del Arroyo or self-exploration of Puerto Vallarta with opportunities for additional optional services or excursions

What's NOT Included (some of these may be arranged for an additional fee)

  • Airfare or transportation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • Transportation to/from Airport to Casa del Arroyo (can be arranged ahead of time.  Usually ranges from about $15-30 to/from the airport depending on the mode of transport.

  • Transportation to/from any optional outings or tours or around town (note that most tour origins are within walking distance to catch tour transportation, water taxis, etc.)

  • Dinner (except the initial welcome reception):  There are over 100 restaurants and places to eat within a 0.3-mile radius of Casa del Arroyo and there is something for everyone.   Aimee can make group reservations for some select, "not to be missed", restaurants for a more authentic experience.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not included, but you are welcome to purchase your own and bring them back to the villa to enjoy. 

  • Outside entertainment or shows (Puerta Vallarta is loaded with talent.  Aimee can make group reservations for those interested in seeing or experiencing some of these shows.

  • Optional services:  private coaching or in-house massage service, additional private tours/activities 

  • Tips for housekeeping, tour guides, massage therapists, etc.

  • Accommodations for any additional nights that are not part of the retreat.  If you're interested in coming a few days early, please contact Aimee as soon as possible to check room availability.

  • Accommodations for those who purchase the "Retreat Only" pricing option.

Basic Itinerary (Subject to Change)*

Day/Night 1: Tuesday:  Arrival, appetizers & Dinner at Casa del Arroyo starting at 4:30 pm.  Relax and get to know each other and get ready for the week.

Day/Night 2:  Wednesday (ATiM Day 1 + Art Appreciation Day):  

Morning education segment: ATiM Movement class, Anatomy Trains introduction, rules of the game, begin the Superficial Back Line. Lunch is served at the villa immediately following the workshop.

Afternoon: Option to explore Gringo Gulch in-depth and El Centro, enjoying local street art/murals and sculptures on the Malecon during the day.   

Evening: Dinner on your own (or group dinner reservations). Enjoy the Wednesday night Art Walk in the evening.

Day/Night 3: Thursday (ATiM Day 2 + Beach/Water Day*):  

Morning education segment: ATiM Movement class, complete the Superficial Back Line. Lunch is served at the villa immediately following the workshop.

Afternoon: Option for moderate beach hike to Conchas Chinas Beach to Las Playitas Restaurant for lunch/drinks (can UBER there also) or just relax on Los Muertos Beach and take advantage of walking around town.   

Evening: Dinner on your own (or group dinner reservations)

Day/Night 4:  Friday (ATiM Day 3 + Free Afternoon + House Party):

Morning education segment: Morning ATiM Movement Class, complete the Superficial Front Line and begin Lateral Line. Lunch is served at the villa immediately following the workshop.

Afternoon:  Creative or cultural activity comes to the villa, then Free Afternoon (with optional appointments with Aimee or a massage therapist. 

Evening:  Entertainment out on the town. Dinner on your own (or group dinner reservations)

Day/Night 5:  Saturday:  (OFF Day + Nature Day):  

Morning + Afternoon: Audra takes us on an adventure to Jalapa for a secluded beach experience and lunch along the way. 

Evening: Dinner on your own (or group dinner reservations) 

Day/Night 6:  Sunday: (ATiM Day 4 + Urban hike) 

Morning: Optional Early morning urban hike to the Mirador (note this is a physically demanding walk up a steep hill) or sleep in.  

Afternoon education segment:  Mid-Day ATiM Movement Class, complete the Lateral Line and Spiral Line. Lunch is served at the villa during the break between 2-hour sessions. 

Evening:  Dinner on your own (or group dinner reservations)

Day/Night 7:  Monday (ATiM Day 5 + Local Beach Day & Enjoy the View):  

Morning education segment:  ATiM Movement Class, complete the Functional Lines, Arm Lines, and Deep Front Line. Lunch is served at the villa immediately following the workshop.

Afternoon:  Guided walk along the river to the local "mercado," shops, and continuing through the Romantic Zone and up the Isla Cuale. 

Evening:  Enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset and/or fireworks with light food and drinks at a nearby rooftop in the center of town.

Day 8:  Tuesday: Continental Breakfast, optional pre-travel movement class, wrap up, check out.

* Itinerary may change slightly based on weather, availability, and potential “pop up” events that might be of interest to the group.

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About Aimee Baker

Aimee is a hippie and dancer soul, who has always intuitively felt the holism of the human body and the primacy of movement when striving to cultivate well-being, happiness, and personal integrity. Aimee’s 100+ hours (and counting) in the cadaver dissection lab continue to deepen her love affair and obsession with integral anatomy. She’s lucky to count Thomas Myers, Karin Gurtner, and James Earls as her teachers. 

 In 2019, Aimee achieved a 10-year goal and became a faculty member for Anatomy Trains. In 2022, she achieved a lifetime goal and earned her Slings Diploma: Certified as an Advanced Level Slings Myofascial Training Teacher and became an educator for Art of Motion

Aimee began teaching Pilates in 2001, owned Bodylogic Pilates studio from 2005-2014, and was named Best Personalized Pilates Teacher by the Philadelphia Magazine in 2008. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Dance from the University of Colorado and infuses principles from Pilates, Slings Myofascial Training, Anatomy Trains, multiple forms of dance, Functional Movement Screen, and Gyrotonic® into her teaching. Her multifaceted movement sessions help students achieve the body awareness, resilience, and strength necessary to best manage 21st-century living and lead happy, full lives.

Aimee lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids and loves to travel, camp, and salsa dance. 💜

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