Are your old (and new) compensatory  movements contaminating your body?

Those nagging old compensatory patterns from weeks, months, or even years will creep into your daily activities, affecting how you walk, sit, stand, work on your computer, and even how you look at your phone. 

If you've been feeling like your body is moving through may be time for a movement detox.

Join Total Motion Detox Program with Bettina Neumann, PT

Exercises you might think are "helpful" may actually be "feeding" dysfunctional movement habits.

Find Alignment with Total Motion Detox

Knowledge is Power

Be guided step-by-step with a system to test for alignment. Get weekly guidance that enables you to walk away with one or two exercises or concepts specifically designed for you to practice every day during the week.

Reminder Emails to Stay on Track

Overwhelm is real.  To keep you accountable while at the same time keeping you from feeling overloaded, you'll receive the material in a "dripped" fashion.  That way, you will get small "bites" of content that you can sink your teeth into.  This will enable  focus on what's important now.  Reminder emails will help you stay on track.

Track Progress & Get Results

You will have access to handy PDFs and videos for self-testing and to Bettina directly during the week to turn in your scorecards and get individualized feedback. You can apply these strategies to your training program to get faster results.


Realign and Retrain

This program contains a 6 week program that you will have 12 weeks to complete.  It will take you through a nontraditional, but very practical approach to allow the body to realign and heal the added strains on your body.  Specific tests & movement interventions will help you reach the next level of your Pilates training and optimize your running, hiking, and walking routine. It will even enhance your day-to-day activities, your movements' fluidity, alleviate pressures in your knees, feet, or low back.

Access these videos when you need to so you can apply these strategies to your training program when things feel "off". 

Total Motion Detox: $199

Learn how to work WITH your body!

  • Step by Step Video tutorials to give you a clear plan to test and address YOUR specific needs
  • Supplemental pdf's & downloadable materials to help you reach your goals
  • Interactive materials to get feedback and record progress
  • Guidance & accountability from a qualified source
  • 12 week access to all of the content 
  • Reminder emails to keep you on track
Join Total Motion Detox with Bettina Neumann, PT

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About Bettina Neumann, PT

Founder and owner of Rising Sun Physical Therapy and Senior Physical Therapist with 30 years of experience. She specializes in musculoskeletal problems, complex pain syndromes, lymphedema, post-cancer issues, and pelvic floor dysfunctions. Bettina graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from Frankfurt/Main University Clinic in Germany. She is a Certified Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Specialist, Graduate of Polestar Rehab Pilates, and Certified in Total Motion Release. She has trained at the Upledger Institute, the Barral Institute, Herman and Wallace Institute, and the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. Besides having worked with thousands of patients in Physical Therapy, she has furthered her expertise in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Neuromanipulation, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, other Manual Therapy, Compression Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Muscular Reeducation Techniques, Pilates, awareness of body movement, relaxation techniques, education in self-care and self-healing, and extensive training in pelvic floor dysfunctions.



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