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Experience live group movement classes and programming set on a virtual, interactive platform and led by dynamic, high quality practitioners who are well versed in working with bodies that have "been places."  Quality, convenience, and connection have never been easier.

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We feature multiple daily live streaming workouts classes (Pilates, Yoga, & more), group Q&A sessions with highly sought after health and movement specialists from our global network as well, and access to an on-demand workout library that you can access anytime.

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Featured Classes:  Oov®Plus and More...

Elizabeth Larkam is back in December teaching LIVE on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am PST.

On Tuesdays, Elizabeth teaches Oov™Plus.  Dress your Oov up for the holidays. Add a Ring. Tie a bow with a Band. Wrap up 2020 and celebrate your healthy future

In addition, we're bringing back Elizabeth's swiss ball classes, for those who enjoy moving in the round.

**Each of Elizabeth's classes will be recorded and will be available to view until 11:59pm the Monday before the following week's series.

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New!  Workouts with Friends

Workouts with Friends is an add-on feature/section we're including for our Be Well-Stay Well™ Subscribers (November 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021 at no additional charge) who either want to add a class or series of classes exclusively for their own group of friends.  Maybe it's working the Turkey off the Tush following a virtual Thanksgiving gathering...or perhaps, it's trading the Zoom drinking hours for a live virtual Pilates hour for some bonding and socialization. 

Just make sure your friends are subscribers, then contact [email protected], and we'll go from there.


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In addition, we occasionally will hold FREE live events inside of this portal.

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Inside is a mini-library of some of our favorite exercises, a movement mythbusting section,  and a series of how to best find alignment during exercise and your daily life.

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