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BETA - Anatomy Trains in Motion 21-Hour Course(s)

📆 IN-PERSON + ZOOM LIVESTREAM - Oct 8, 22 and Nov 5, 2023 @ Highlands Ranch, CO, 9am - 5pm MT/GT -6

📆 RETREAT in Mexico - Nov 28 - Dec 5, 2023 @ Puerto Vallarta

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Anatomy Trains in Motion Intro Workshop

Sept 17th 9:30am-11am PDT

1️⃣ Get an overview of the 12 myofascial meridians

2️⃣ Learn and experience the muscles, fascial structures, and primary functions of the Superficial Back Line (SBL) with a specifically designed Slings in Motion exercise sequence

3️⃣ Understand and experience the Achilles tendon as an elastic spring within the SBL

4️⃣ Deepen your appreciation for how integral anatomy supports purposeful movement teaching 

Workshop is live, recordings can be accessed through Sept 30, 2023.


Anatomy in Motion Intro Workshop Only (non-bundled access)

Slings Essentials Intro Workshop

Sept 24th 9:30am-11am PDT

1️⃣ Learn about the Slings Myofascial Training concept

2️⃣ Gain insight into the Slings Essentials Trinity:

- 12 Fascial Movement Qualities

- 12 Slings Training Techniques

- 12 Slings Training Aims

3️⃣ Experience fascia-focused movement through a master class and practical examples

4️⃣ Learn more about the 'Slings Education Pathway'

Workshop is live, recordings can be accessed through Sept 30, 2023.

Slings Essentials Intro Workshop Only (non-bundled access)

Anatomy Trains in Motion & Slings Essentials: DOUBLE WORKSHOP BUNDLE

Get both Intro workshops with BUNDLE

Save & get extended access to recordings.


1️⃣ Anatomy Trains in Motion Intro 90 min Workshop

2️⃣ Slings Essentials Intro 90 min Workshop

3️⃣ Extended Access of Recordings

Workshops are live, recordings can be accessed through Oct 31, 2023.


Bundle: Double Intro Workshop Access (Anatomy Trains in Motion & Essential Slings Intro Workshops)

Slings Myofascial Movement Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Join Aimee this fall in Mexico to further explore Slings Myofascial Training and movement experiences.

Enjoy great movement, food, company, & culture.

7 days:
November 28th to December 5th, 2023

Stay at the villa, Casa del Arroyo with us or stay nearby and join us for our daily activities.

Contact Aimee for Details

Click Here for Puerto Vallarta Retreat Details

About Aimee Baker

Aimee is a hippie and dancer soul, who has always intuitively felt the holism of the human body and the primacy of movement when striving to cultivate well-being, happiness, and personal integrity. Aimee’s 100+ hours (and counting) in the cadaver dissection lab continue to deepen her love affair and obsession with integral anatomy. She’s lucky to count Thomas Myers, Karin Gurtner, and James Earls as her teachers. 

 In 2019, Aimee achieved a 10-year goal and became a faculty member for Anatomy Trains. In 2022, she achieved a lifetime goal and earned her Slings Diploma: Certified as an Advanced Level Slings Myofascial Training Teacher and became an educator for Art of Motion

Aimee began teaching Pilates in 2001, owned Bodylogic Pilates studio from 2005-2014, and was named Best Personalized Pilates Teacher by the Philadelphia Magazine in 2008. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Dance from the University of Colorado and infuses principles from Pilates, Slings Myofascial Training, Anatomy Trains, multiple forms of dance, Functional Movement Screen, and Gyrotonic® into her teaching. Her multifaceted movement sessions help students achieve the body awareness, resilience, and strength necessary to best manage 21st-century living and lead happy, full lives.

Aimee lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids and loves to travel, camp, and salsa dance. 💜


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