What is Back on Track?

Designed by a physical therapist, this is a step by step approach to help develop the body you want from the ground level.

This program is FREE as part of your ANNUAL Be Well Stay Well Subscription, but it can be purchased as a stand alone product here if the workouts aren't as important to you.

Back on Track is a Pilates inspired program will improve your mobility, strength, control, and balance in a systematic way so that you can spend less time hurting and more time living.

It can be followed step by step or utilized as a more comprehensive resource guide when your body needs a little more TLC.


$497 Purchase BACK ON TRACK as a stand alone product $399/year Annual Subscription to BE WELL STAY WELL™ & get BACK on TRACK FREE as part of your paid subscription

Back on Track Puts You in the Drivers Seat

You'll have Dr. Ada Wells, PT as your GPS to give you the quickest route to feeling your best.

Mindset, Motivation, & Myth-busting

What got you here won't get you there.  If you're wondering how to change your behavior, it needs to start with clearing the path and having a plan.

Movement, Mechanics, & Modifications

Get clear on what what good movement should look like and how to exercise safely with certain conditions.

Posture & Movement Screening Tool

The location of the pain is typically not the location of the dysfunction.  Use the self movement and posture screening tool to find areas in your body that might be feeding into that nagging pain and stiffness.

Exercise Library

Now that you know what you need to work on, here's how you can start putting that information to action with targeted exercises to address YOUR needs.

Pricing Options

Purchase as a Stand Alone Product


It's Yours.

* Step by Step System that will help you develop the body you want from the ground level.

* Includes a Self Posture & Movement Screening Tool so you can identify what YOU need to work on in YOUR body.

* Focus on your body's needs with an exercise library designed to work with the self-screening tool.

*  Put it all together with a small library of Pilates based workouts.


Buy it Once and It's Yours. $497 USD



with your paid ANNUAL Subscription to Be Well Stay Well™ Program

*Over 30 LIVE-Streaming Pilates Classes per month (taught by physical therapists & comprehensively trained Pilates teachers) using mat and small props.

*Modifications & attention to detail for those who have low bone density, knee,  shoulder, back, wrist issues and more.

*Group Q&A Sessions with a PT (for exercise modifications, & more)

*Live interaction with the teachers before & after the online class

*On-demand (pre-recorded) class library with new uploads every month.

*  BONUS:  Live and On-Demand Oov and Reformer Classes

* BONUS:  Access to the BACK ON TRACK is free as part of your paid ANNUAL subscription to Be Well Stay Well™

GET IT FREE as part of your Paid Annual Subscription to Be Well Stay Well™

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