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Active Sitting, Movement & Embodied Cognition - Balansit® & Rotator Disc with Elizabeth Larkam

NOTE: This is a new workshop that does not require previous experience with these props. For optional preparation (not required) please watch my Introduction to the Balansit & Precision Rotator Disc.
FOUR Live Online Classes in June taught by Elizabeth Larkam (recordings available until June 30, 2022)
Four Fridays in June, Pacific Time:
June 3, 7 - 9am
June 10, 8-10am
June 17, 8-10am
June 24, 8-10am  
Learn to intentionally enhance your mental functioning through physical activity. Combine the Balansit® with a rotator disc and small props to discover how your thoughts are powerfully shaped by movement.
Reference: The Extended Mind - The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain by Annie Murphy Paul (2021), Part I Thinking with our Bodies
These practices create comfort, concentration and coordination. They benefit everyone who sits, stands, walks and exercises while breathing. The material is easy to learn and implement. Benefit your personal practice and mental focus. Teach the techniques to your clients, colleagues, friends and family.
Each class includes unique uses of the Balansit and Precision Rotator Disc in conjunction with an elastic resistance band, hand weights and yoga block. You will be amazed and delighted to discover how such small, portable props can profoundly transform your clarity, focus and movement freedom.
* Fascia-focused movement practices alternate active sitting with movement sequences in prone, side-lying, supine, bridging, quadruped, high kneeling, planks and standing balance
* Explore how certain types of movement can extend your thinking beyond what is possible when you remain stationary
* Experience how low, medium and high intensity physical activity each exerts a distinct effect on cognition
* Coherent nose breathing, humming and Emotional Freedom Technique tapping regulate the autonomic nervous system and ventral vagus tone, reducing stress and enhancing clarity
* Directed eye gaze in conjunction with movement sharpens your visual acuity, particularly your peripheral vision
* Standing movement sequences stimulate alertness and release of nitric oxide
You’ll need
* 1 Balansit® sized for your height and the width of your pelvis. Please consult the Balansit Sizing Chart on www.pilates.com
* 1 Precision Rotator Disc (PRD) with no resistance, 12” diameter
* 1 Elastic Resistance Band, medium strength
* 1 Yoga Block, dense foam or wood for full weight bearing in standing
* 2 Hand Weights
Recordings available will be posted within 24 hours of class and all will be available until June 30, 2022.