$159.00 USD

In short, I understand that Elizabeth Larkam is a guest contributor for Be Well-Stay Well™, and not only will I be responsible for my own body, but I'll also be respectful of her intellectual property.  Read FULL TERMS here.

Reformer Plus Series with Elizabeth Larkam

  Four Fridays in September
Time:  8:00-9:00 am Pacific Time
Sept 9
Sept 16
Sept 23
Sept 30
Props recommended: 
Magic Circle
Hand weights
Props optional:
Rotator discs
The Reformer is a valuable, efficient movement environment for every decade of life from the teens to 100.  Whatever your current decade, invest now in your present and future strength, endurance, mobility, coordination and balance.  Resistance provided by springs, enhanced by hand weights, allows you to customize your intensity.
I encourage you to practice daily as your schedule allows, choosing exercises that support connective tissue recovery. Create a rhythm for muscle development, metabolic health and cognitive clarity.
Class Recordings for each week are typically posted within 24 hours of class time.  You'll have access to recordings until October 7, 2022.